bathroom of ICE train (private photo)
The Weathers They Live In

Nicola Arthen e.a.

13 till 28 May 2017

Thought: Isn’t it the simultaneous presence of warm and cold air on our body that can make us as sensitive to a present moment that any wish for a place elsewhere is suspended for some time?

The start for this exhibition consists of two experiences, which sometimes coincide ambivalently as they will for this occasion: a corporeal awareness of oneself when subjected to a mix of temperatures and the frustration while encountering products or architecture that have transformed from open source to sealed surface.

An exhibition with:
Nicola Arthen
Alondra Castellanos Arreola
Paul Bernhard
Dan Walwin
Baha Görkem Yalim


Part 1:  Saturday 13 May 2017 – 18:00 till 21:27 hrs

Part 2:  Saturday 20 May 2017 – 18:00 till 21:27 hrs

Round-Up:  Saturday 27 May 2017 – 18:00 till 21:27 hrs.

Also open on Sundays – 14:00 till 18:00 hrs and additionally by appointment. For more information on the additional program visit the Facebook page and the website

The exhibition and its program is generously supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and Mondriaan Fund.

The Weight of Words, performance by Manuela Lucia Tessie.a.
OPEN CALL program 2018
20 May till 31 Jul 2017

Deadline submission: 31 June 2017

AtelierWG Foundation invites visual artists to organize a two-person exhibition accompanied by a series of events to be presented at the project space puntWG during 2018.

AtelierWG believes that artists have a unique sensibility when interacting with other artists and when reflecting on each other’s work. With this invitation atelierWG seeks to provide artists with the opportunity to profit from its exhibition space and its central location in Amsterdam.

Our focus for 2018 is on proposals that respond to and explore the format of a two-person exhibition. This could be in the form of an existing duo, first time collaboration or other forms of collaboration. The key word is ‘dialogue’.

We look for proposals that combine additional events such as performance, screening, lecture, artist talk, dinner etcetera. Each exhibition will last 2-4 weeks (including installing and taking down).

 Funding and support

AtelierWG Foundation will provide the space: puntWG, as well as publicity and support where possible. The selected artists are responsible for production costs.

The selected artists are expected to be present at the space during opening times of their exhibition (usually Friday/Saturday/Sunday from 14:00-18:00. More opening days are welcome).

Application guidelines

Please include the following documents in your submission:

  • A PDF with the following information: full name, postal address, phone number, e-mail and website
  • CV, max 2 A4
  • Presentation proposal of max. 300 words: idea for an exhibition/ event plan, the motivation for showing at puntWG and the artists with whom you wish to collaborate.
  • A maximum of five images in jpg format, 2MB all together
  • Please indicate the preferred period of time for you to exhibit, and indicate also when you are not The more accurate you are, the better for the planning.

 All applications, with enclosures, should be sent, by email only, to:

The submission deadline is 31 June 2017.

All applicants will be notified before 15 July 2017.

For general information and questions regarding puntWG, please contact team puntWG:


AtelierWG is an artists’ studio complex located in two buildings of the former Wilhelminagasthuis hospital. It is situated in the Hallendistrict in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With its 120 studios, atelierWG is the largest artists’ studio complex in the Netherlands.

PuntWG is an artist-run experimental project- and presentation space and is part of atelierWG. It offers a lively program of exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and discussions, organized both by artists from within and outside atelierWG.

In addition, puntWG collaborates with airWG (the artist-in-residence program), which was launched more than a year ago. PuntWG is financially supported by the artists of atelierWG.

The programming is in the hands of team puntWG: Noa Giniger, Frank Mandersloot, Anna Volkova and Vincent Vulsma.

Sedimentation of Memory, installation overview, 2017 © Kristina Benjocki
Sedimentation of Memory
Kristina Benjocki
10 Jun till 2 Jul 2017

The exhibition Sedimentation of Memory  of Kristina Benjocki collapses visual narratives based on historical and geological findings related to Cannerberg, a cavernous hill located between the Dutch and Belgian border. From Neolithic times, continuous mining of flint nodules and later limestone created a complex network of underground tunnels around the Caesert plateau. In Limburg province, these hand cut tunnels are commonly referred to as “the caves” while hills are often referred to as “the mountains.” Cannerberg bears traces from various histories: from Neolithic times to World War II, the Cold War and the Maastricht treaty - considered as the beginning of the European Union. Sedimentation of Memory is an introduction to Portrait of a Mountain, a long-term research project that will result in a video essay and a book (2015-2018).

Sedimentation of Memory is an installation with five Kodak carrousel projectors and lime stone blocks, duration 8 minutes looped, 2017. It combines technology, visual and material remnants of the time that has passed and of the location.

 The project draws from a variety of sources from private and public archives, tracing characters as they surface from different mediums: black-and-white or color photographs, VHS tapes, scanned documents, natural history books, military brochures, tourist guides or the most recent unclassified records from the NATO archive in Brussels.

The exhibition is open every saturday and sunday from 14 untill 18 o'clock.

This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and the Werner Mantz Lab.

On the artist

Kristina Benjocki was born in Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia. Her research based practice focuses on the investigation of historical and cultural revisionism seen as political mechanisms of forgetting and remembering in the context of the former east and west. She was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academy, her most recent exhibitions include Please empty your wallets at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rjeka (HR), Social Contract at Izolyatsia in Kiev (UA), Dmitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award at Remont art gallery in Belgrade (RS), Resolution 827 at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam in Amsterdam (NL), Excude/Include at Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam (NL), This is the Time. This is the Record of the Time at AUB gallery in Beirut (LB) and Stedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam (NL) amongst others.

Bus stop, Alkyd and oil paint on linen, 40 x 85 cm.
Rondzwervende nachtschilder / Wandering artist of the night
Maarten Welbergen
29 Apr till 8 May 2017

"7 am on a frosty autumn morning
Fog is still hanging low
I’m not the only one waiting for the bus!
Nights and early mornings are the most poetic moments of the day.
Especially when the fog is hanging low and everything gets blurred.
When streetlamp-lights become iridescent light-balls floating in the sky.
Everything is silent and everybody is still asleep.
These are the moments when I wander around to find my motives to draw and paint."

This exhibition shows Maarten Welbergen's most recent travel drawings, watercolours and drawings and paintings of the night. He calls that last series of work ‘Nocturnes’.

The subject is ‘Nocturne’, a musical definition that well describes Welbergen’s fascinating night scenes. The effects of artificial light in deep dark surroundings with mysterious shades triggers Welbergen’s inspiration.

The artist also organizes a lecture about ‘Artists of the Night’. Throughout the history of art, from the late Middle Ages onwards, artists have been inspired to depict night scenes. Sometimes they were inspired by Bible-texts and sometimes by a Romantic ‘Empfindung’. The magic of twilight, moonlight and of artificial light casting long shadows has always triggered the imagination of certain artists. This lecture is also about what is happening in the mind of Maarten Welbergen himself, during his nocturnal wanderings to search subjects for his paintings.

Maarten Welbergen (1956) is rooted in the (painting) tradition, while at the same time searching for the artistic boundaries of this tradition. He paints and draws portraits, landscapes, still lifes and allegorical subjects. One of his specialties is the ‘cut-out’ by which he cuts the shape out of a wooden panel and paints it so as to enhance the effect of ‘trompe l’oeil’.

The exhibition is open on Sunday April 30th, Wednesday May 3th, Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th from 14:00 to 18:00 hrs and also by appointment.

The lecture 'Artists of the night' is on Sunday the 7th of May from 20:00 to 21:30 hrs.

Maarten Welbergen also answered 'A Question.'

Cut out from a drawing and two objects. Drawing: Bernadette Beunk, Objects: Maria Schilder
Drawn Objects
Bernadette Beunk, Maria Schilder
15 till 23 Apr 2017

About one year ago Bernadette Beunk and Maria Schilder joined together to combine their respective art disciplines. The serenity of Beunk's abstract world and Schilder's objects are being matched in the synthesis of painted and drawn objects. This is the second time their collaborative work is being shown. Along with collaborative works individual pieces are part of the exhibition, so the viewer can place the results of this collaboration in the perspective of the artists' original artwork.

Bernadette Beunk's drawings can be viewed as condensed sensory impressions. For the artist the place of every individual work in the order of creation is essential. Every work is intimately related to the works created before and after it. The creative process is a forward thrust propelled by the inexhaustible curiosity about the possibilities embodied in the drawn line. After some time the creation dates of the drawings lose their importance. When the work is ready to be shown independent series are put together following purely formal criteria only.

Maria Schilder is fascinated by natural phenomena, especially the different forms of existence and the extreme contrasts. In the process of making her objects she often relies on those ideas. But on the other hand she plays associatively with form and material. The intention is to create a new dimension. Not to represent the everyday reality, but to give a new vision.

Open Sunday April 16th, Monday April 17th and Thursday April 20th until Sunday April 23th, on these days from 14:00 until 18:00 o'clock.

Shen Xin. Dialogue (still)
Interview with airWG residents
Shen Xin and Rajyashri Goody
23 Apr 2017 — 19:30 till 21:30 hrs

During the evening Rajyashri Goody (1990, Pune, India), and Shen Xin (1990, Chengdu, China) will tell us about their works and screen a selection of images and videos. The interview will be moderated by art historian Tineke Reijnders.

Both artists have joined us from the cross-cultural exchange program by the Rijksakademie and the Asia Culture Complex (ACC) in Gwangju, South-Korea. The evening will start with a short introduction about the program.

Shen Xin’s practice engages with moving image and event. In her works the aspect of time, the time of making and watching, constructs opportunities to render present the un-representable, the indigestible and the irrelevant. These subjects are looked at through examining the techniques and effects of circulations in socio-political power structures. For Shen, to dismantle the structures that dominate is to commit to the complexity of generating reflexiveness in the works, of how emotions, judgments and ethics circulate through individual and collective subjects. 

Rajyashri Goody is an artist and ethnographer exploring socially engaged art and art as activism. With an academic background in visual anthropology and sociology, her research interests lie in interpretations of power structures in India, particularly the caste system. Currently, she is exploring (through text and installation) eating and drinking practices within minority Dalit (so called untouchable) communities and constructs of ritual purity and pollution that stem from specific consumption patterns. Keeping in mind the power of writing in a society where a large number of people have been historically denied an education for generations in order to keep them in their caste position, she has just begun working on a ‘cookbook’ that attempts to deal with a food culture, passed on orally and through practice, steeped in the politics of hunger, discrimination, and shame.

You can find more information about the program on the airWG website.

© Rutger ten Broeke
The New Introverts
Rutger ten Broeke, Blanka Wasowicz, MC de Waal
1 till 9 Apr 2017

Introducing: the New Introverts 

At a time when the world seems most in tune with loud chatter and unsolicited digital sensations, when the channels of communication are always wide open and a continual state of alertness is required, the New Introverts turn the sickle side of the moon to the world.  

They find inspiration in the individual and the unobserved and the thrill of recognising fellow human beings in the crowd. Gone are the smokescreens and the retouched styling and make-up perfection of the current media age. The New Introverts instead derive pleasure from a neo-romantic pursuit of the full expression of the self. 

The photographers in the upcoming group exhibition at puntWG present the New Introverts in their various guises. The work on display taps into a sensibility that picks up signals easily missed in the extroverted experience of life. 

Exhibiting Artists:  

Rutger ten Broeke enjoys international recognition as a black and white photographer of nudes, nature and the people he encounters on his many travels, including the Americas and Arcadia.  

Blanka Wasowicz is an analogue photographer whose portraits evoke pre-Raphaelite views of artistic representation. She travels extensively and frequently exhibits her portraits. 

MC de Waal has for some time now been portraying this new tribe using cameras and printing methods from the analogue era. MC de Waal has shown work in Amsterdam, London and New York. 


Detail van 'On Fries, Knees and Weakness'cloth, ink, acrylic paint, rubber, wood, clay 100 x 70 cm 2016. Dina Danish & Jean-Baptiste Maitre
The Admirer and the Admired...
Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Dina Danish
4 till 27 Mar 2017

Inspired by museum and historical site visits in Europe and Egypt, Dina Danish and Jean-Baptiste
Maitre started a research about displays in relation to their artefacts. The tension between the neutrality of a museum display in relation to the pricelessness of its object came into focus.

In their first duo exhibition 'The Admirer and The Admired', Danish and Maitre ask: What if the the object's background was no longer neutral and if the artefact was of less value? What if the background and the artefact were like an 'admirer to an admired one'?

Mimicking a museum grid for displaying slabs of ancient scripts, a multi-layered and multi-colored
(inspired by digital 3D colors) mesh structure displays climbing plants. Taking away the creative hand and replacing it with the accidental composition of the natural growth of the plants, the hierarchy between the object and its background interweave and affect each other.

Ceramic slabs quoting texts from the YouTube comment section of random videos are exhibited one
above another. They shift the attention from the original video to the quote, in the same way a
museum artefact would be made invisible to only leave on the wall its explanative label.

Additional to their collaborative works Maitre and Danish have each placed one of their personal
works that relates to their common interest. A carpet hung on the wall and a multi-colored rope
demonstrate the use of accidental and ephemeral compositions. The carpet shows a trace made by
stroking with the hand against the grain of the carpet fibers. The rope randomly thrown on the floor
creates a momentary color composition.

This exhibition displays the first collaborative works made between Jean-Baptiste Maitre and Dina Danish.

On the artists:

Jean-Baptiste Maitre (1978, France) studied Art History and Fine Art in Paris (ENSB-A) and Amsterdam (Rijksakademie v. B. K.). Maitre produces paintings that are scanned and processed into silent video animations. Recent shows include: FLUID CARRYING THE HOPE OF SHIPS IN DISTRESS at Rita Urso, Milan; MANDALA RÉPUBLIQUE at Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam; CODEX, Wattis Institute for contemporary Arts, San Francisco;  IT AIN’T WATCHA WRITE, IT’S THE WAY ATCHA WRITE IT, Manifesta Foundation, Amsterdam; STRIPE PAINTINGS, La Salle De Bains art center, Lyon; THIS IS WHAT I MEANT at P/////AKT, Amsterdam; and POST-SCULPTURE with Bruce McClean, Galerie 1m3, Lausanne. Maitre is represented by Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam, and Rita Urso, Milan.

Triggered by the need for understanding even the banalest of things, Dina Danish’s usually humorous work is motivated by various subjects including linguistic structures, forgotten historical events, pinball machines, chewing gum and tongue-twisters.

Most recently she has had solo exhibitions at Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam; SpazioA, Italy and at De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, NL.

Group exhibitions with her work have included Project Arts Centre in Dublin, Kunsthall Oslo, de Appel Arts Center in Amsterdam, Beirut and CIC in Cairo, and the Wattis Institute in San Francisco. She also performed at the Kunstverein in Amsterdam; with de Appel Arts Center at the Stedelijk Museum.

Dina Danish has been nominated for the various awards including most recently the Abraaj Priz in Dubai, the Volkskrant award and the Prix de Rome in the Netherlands, and has received awards including the Illy Present Future and Celeste Prize.

Danish studied in both Cairo and San Francisco and has taken part in various artist residencies including the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, Spinola Banna in Italy; PiST/// in Istanbul and AIR Dubai.

She currently resides in Amsterdam.

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